Dale Talde


Dale Talde

Dale Talde’s passion for cooking began at a young age in his native Chicago where he learned to prepare meals alongside his mother in the kitchen. More.

New Restaurant Alert: Goosefeather

Paying tribute to the cuisine of Hong Kong, with a focus on noodles, Cantonese barbecue, and dumplings, Goosefeather’s cuisine is unlike the other seven styles of Chinese food that most Americans are familiar with. Cantonese fare celebrates its main ingredients and emphasizes using fresh and seasonal items. Chef Dale’s food takes traditional Cantonese fare up a notch, utilizing unexpected ingredients like dry-aged beef, black truffles and more. Come take a seat.


Dale's Book: Asian-American

Born in Chicago to Filipino parents, Dale Talde grew up both steeped in his family's culinary heritage and infatuated with American fast food--burgers, chicken nuggets, and Hot Pockets.

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